Walther PP

#1 -  ~1945
Walther PP
Caliber 32acp
1 - 8 round mag with finger extension
~3 3/4" Brl
Grips are black plastic.
Condition:  Used/Very Good to Fine
Other: Manufacturer  Code - 'ac'
          From my digging on the net and talking to others I figure manugacture date of ~1945.
          The Serial Number on the slide does not match the number on the frame and is off by ~900, so
             once again digging around it's probably a GI put together/bring back.
          Surface shows machining marks.  There are some nicks on the metal and grips.  Nothing I would
             consider major - probably handling and storage marks.
          Bore is bright and shinny.
          Finish is dull parkarizing(?) and light in some places - ie grip.

Walther PP

Walther PP
Arrow points out slight blemish on frame.   We do not show complete serial #s - the frame
Serial Number is 386XXXP.

Walther PP
Serial #386XXXP - mfgr code 'ac'.

Walther PP
Marks under frame from take down, ie trigger guard marks.

Walther PP
There is a minor scratch just below the mag release - see pic above.

Walther PP
Sights...Unlike other PPs I've seen - there is no loaded chamber indicator on this guy.

There are no other marks on this gun.  No proof or inspection marks which adds to
the credibility of a GI put together/bring back when the Walther factory was captured.

Walther PP
Mag - left side...

Walther PP
Mag - right side - there is a 'W' above the base.

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