Liberty $5 Gold (Coin50Lib5GE)
We sell guns and firearm related accessories...
We acquired some coins with firearms at estate sales.
We know very little if anything about this stuff....
We'll describe it to the best of our abilities....
  #1 - 1901 - $750.00
 Liberty $5 Gold

As we do not know that much about coins we took this coin to a local coin shop.  We were told it is in a sealed case as the coin was graded by BLANCHARD,, and was certified at the time it was sealed in the case.  Blanchard is not the top grading house but is a recognized grading and and is up there.
Liberty $5 Gold

Liberty $5 Gold

Liberty $5 Gold Eagle
Dated 1901
In sealed plastic Blanchard holder.
Blanchard graded at MS60+.

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