Compass and WWII USNR Dog Tag (Misc52GerComp)

We sell guns and firearm related accessories...
We acquired some items with firearms at estate sales.
We know very little if anything about this stuff....
We'll describe it to the best of our abilities.... hmmmmm - nothing to say - see pics...

Own a piece of HISTORY!!
German Compass on chain with WWII USNR Dog Tag
Compass & WWII GI Dog Tag

Dog tag dated 10-43
Deminsions:  ~1 1/2"x 1 1/4"
Compass & WWII GI Dog Tag

Compass just shows 'Germany' on face.  Haven't tried to take it apart.
Compass points North
Deminsions: ~1 3/4" diameter
Compass & WWII GI Dog Tag
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