Shipping Policy

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  • To figure shipping go to the appropriate web site or send us and email with the zip code of the receiving FFL and we'll compute your shipping options and costs for you
  • USPS -
  • UPS -
  • Our shipping zip code is 85069
  • Package weight is xx lbs. xx ozs.
  •  Package dimensions for UPS Next Day Air & Next Day Air Saver are  xx" H x xx" W x xx" L
  •  Don't forget to add:
  • Insurance (required)
  • Signature confirmation (required)
  • Delivery confirmation (required)
  • Please email or call with any questions
  • Items maybe combined to save on shipping - If you combine hand guns with long guns they will be shipped based on hand gun options or shipped separately per your request.  Accessories maybe shipped with handguns or long guns.
  • Just remember - as we are all human our figures may differ from yours
  • If you have any questions Send Us an Email or, Give us a call 602-809-6906

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